Brad was raised in a Christian home and felt a call to ministry when he was 13.  Alyson gave her life to the Lord as a teen.  The two of them met while studying classical music at the University of Cincinnati College-Conservatory of Music.  They married in 1990.  For two years, they both taught in the Cincinnati schools and assisted with young adults at church.  That’s when Brad realized he wanted to go back to college for divinity.  When they started looking around where Brad could go to school, they checked out Regent University.  “We sensed that God would have a lot of neat things for us at Regent,” says Brad. After their move to Virginia Beach, Alyson wanted to teach school while Brad was going to school.  However, when Alyson couldn’t get a job teaching, Brad says they relied on God.  “He showed us He would be our provider,” says Brad.   Between the two of them, Brad and Alyson worked 5 jobs.  

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They started to play at various events and even performed at Regent’s commencement in 1993.  Soon Alyson found a teaching job in Chesapeake and was recognized as elementary school teacher of the year in 1995.  Two years later, Brad graduated with his Masters in Divinity in 1997.  At that time, their family started to grow.  Olivia was born in early 1997.  Brad accepted a full-time associate pastor position at Harvest Assembly.  Alyson homeschooled the children.  “The music part of our lives was not intentional at first,” says Brad.  “I wasn’t planning on teaching my children to play music.” When Olivia was 9, she wanted to learn to play the violin.  When their second child was old enough, they thought she too would play the violin.  “But it just didn’t take for her,” says Brad.  After the family attended a concert, Sophia was taken by the harp.  So they found one for her to play.  Their third child, Stephen, was drawn to the guitar and now plays the viola, too.  Daughter Ava plays violin. Susanna plays cello.  Laura plays viola.  Daughter Juliana plays violin.  Their youngest Brennan sings and just started playing the cello.

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